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License Management

The License Portal of our software license solution provider gives you access to the following functions:

Click to go to the License Portal now: License Portal

Instructions for Registering your License

Registering your software permits us to have a record of your license so that we can provide support, if needed, and so that we can approve upgrade pricing for you in future. To register your software, you will need an internet connection to reach the License Portal.

Note: If you are part of a concurrent user (network) license group, you do not have to activate or register the software running on your individual computer.

  1. Click on the link above to go to the License Portal.
  2. When you reach the License Portal log in page, if you have already set up an account, enter your email address or Log In ID and enter your password.
  3. If you have not been to the License Portal before, use the New Customer side of the form. Enter your email address and press Continue.
  4. Complete the required information on the Customer Information form.
  5. Choose a password or use the link to generate a random password and record this information in a safe place.
  6. Click Submit or Log In.
  7. On the License Portal Home page, click the Product Registration option.
  8. On the Product Registration form, enter the License ID and Password received when you purchased the software (and used previously to activate the license).


License ID - this number was sent to you by email when you purchased the software. Along with the Activation Password, these two pieces of information were used to activate your license.

Activation Password - this password was sent to you by email  when you purchased the software. Along with the License ID, these two pieces of information were used to activate your license.

Email Address - your email address, entered during the Registration process. This is an important part of your contact information.

Log In Password - password you create specifically to use the License Portal. (This is not the same as the Activation Password.)