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Download Clone Manager 12

January 2024

You can use the same installer and instructions below for Clone Manager Professional trial (evaluation) licenses or licenses purchased.

To install Clone Manager 12 on your personal computer, please follow the instructions for end users, below.

If you are the network administrator and need to install the server component for a concurrent user license, please refer to the instructions for network administrators in the later section.

Quick link:

Download instructions for end users

Brief installation instructions are provided below. Detailed installation instructions can be viewed or printed using this link:

CM12_InstInstr.pdf Installation Instructions, 150 KB, January 2024

When you are ready to begin installation:

  1. Click on the link below to download the installer on your computer.
  2. Next, run the installer (CM12 Setup.msi) on your computer (administrator privileges required).
Click to download Clone Manager 12 now: CM12Setup.msi

The installation program will copy the program files to the specified installation directory on your computer, install a menu item for the program on your Start menu, and install a program short-cut on your desktop.

The first time you run Clone Manager, you will be able to configure the license for the downloaded software. You can indicate that you want to install a free 30-day trial evaluation license, activate a license already purchased or join a concurrent network license group. Please see the detailed installation instructions document for details.

More information: You can view or print a comprehensive program description, a quick reference guide that will help you to get started quickly, and a set of tutorials that will walk you through common operations.

CM12PRODESC.pdf Clone Manager Professional product description, 427 KB, January 2024
CMPRO12QR.pdf Quick Reference Guide, 222 KB, January 2024
CM10TUTOR.pdf Tutorials, 1144 KB, June 2019
CM11TUTOR.pdf Sharing Tutorials, 315 KB, January 2022

Download Instructions for network concurrent license administrator

The Clone Manager Network Concurrent license is the way to share use of the Clone Manager program among multiple users on your network. It consists of two parts: a license administration service running on a server and the client Clone Manager program running on users' computers.

During installation, the network concurrent license service is installed and initially configured with a 30-day, 2-user Professional edition evaluation license.

Brief installation instructions are provided below. You can view or print detailed installation instructions and system requirements using these links:

CM12_NetInstr.pdf Network Installation Instructions, 138 KB, January 2024
CM12_NetReqmts.pdf Network System Requirements, 109 KB, January 2024

To install the server component:

  1. Download the Clone Manager 12 Server Setup installer
  2. Run the installer on your server.
Click to download the server installer now: CM12ServerSetup.msi

The server is now configured with default settings which will be optimal for the majority of installations and easy for your users to connect to. If your network is complex, there are advanced configuration options available (see detailed instructions).

At this point the server is ready to use. Clients can install the Clone Manager software on their computers and should be able to connect and get user tokens to run Clone Manager.

If you already have a license or purchase a new license, you can run the network administrator tool CMNetAdmin12 to activate your license.

More information: You can view or print detailed instructions for using the network administrator's toolkit and view a collection of screenshots (Quick Tours) that will give you a quick overview of the software.

CM12_NetAdmTools.pdf Network Administrator Tools, 100 KB, January 2024
CMPRO10QTOUR.pdf Quick Tour (screenshots), 788 KB, June 2019