Sci-Ed Software
Software for the Molecular Biologist

helix Welcome to the Sci-Ed Software website

Our company writes and distributes software for the molecular biologist. We began in 1987, writing small and efficient programs for researchers to use on their personal computers. Our current Clone Manager programs for Windows-based PC's are even easier to use, more flexible, and more powerful than earlier versions.

Clone Manager MapEnzyme sites list


New Clone Manager 9 incremental updates available (June 2013) -- new Assembly Cloning wizard. Go to Downloads section to download and install a software update that will bring your existing Clone Manager 9 to the latest version (9.3).

CM web browser control update -- If you are using Clone Manager to do BLAST searches or to browse and search the NCBI Entrez web site, you can download and run a small utility program to update the compatibility mode setting for the Clone Manager web browser control. (Included in update to 9.3, above).

Quick Links

Click on a link below to jump to a program description or a quick and easy form you can fill in and fax to us to place a fast order with a credit card. Program descriptions include pricing information, a link to a list of features that are new or improved in this version, and a link to download a demo version for review.

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