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Clone Manager Embedded Browser Update

The web browser control built into Clone Manager is used to display BLAST search results and to access the Entrez web site. This web browser control uses the rendering engine of Internet Explorer that is installed in your computer as a part of the Windows operating system. By default, the web browser control is run in IE7 compatibility mode.

Effective 1 January 2013, Internet Explorer 7 will no longer be supported or tested by NCBI. (At this time, you may see a message at the top of a search results page that says that the NCBI web applications will no longer support your browser after 1 January 2013.)

A simple registry setting will change the IE compatibility mode for the embedded Clone Manager web browser control to IE8 and permit you to continue to use the BLAST search and NCBI Entrez system functions without concern about loss of browser support. This registry setting is specific to Clone Manager and will not affect any other program's compatibility mode setting or your browser settings. If you use a browser that is not Internet Explorer, you still need to make this registry setting so that Clone Manager's embedded web browser control will run in IE8 compatibility mode. The registry setting is user-specific and does not require administrator privileges.

Download Instructions

Click below to begin the download of the small utility program that can make this registry setting for you. When prompted, select Save As... to write a copy of the file to your hard disk, or run the small program without saving.

Download CM embedded browser update program (224 KB) now

Follow the instruction below to use the Clone Manager embedded browser update program.

Update Instructions

Run the program CMBrowserUpd.exe. Select the Clone Manager program and version you are using. Next, accept the new default setting (IE8 Standards) and click Apply to make the registry setting.

If you need to remove this registry setting, you can select the option Clear Setting and click Apply.

December 2012

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For use with Clone Manager Professional, versions 7 to 9;
Clone Manager Basic, versions 7 to 9

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For this registry setting to be effective, you will need to have Internet Explorer 8 or higher installed on your computer, even if you use another browser for your internet access.